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Aluminium Plate and Cylinder

Aluminium Plate and Cylinder

Aluminum Plate

Aluminum sheets are resistant to atmospheric corrosion, easily shaped, have high electrical and thermal conductivity, have a silvery appearance, are suitable for decorative coatings, have the ability to be welded and can be used on larger surfaces, making them the most preferred product in the sector and the most important product of the sector. carries.

General Properties of Aluminum Plates

  • As an aluminum surface coating, it prevents rusting after contact with oxygen with its protective feature.
  • Thin sheet aluminum sheets are mostly used in the automotive and advertising sectors, while thick aluminum sheets are used in the mold and machinery sectors.
  • If the aluminum sheets are harder after alloying, they will be easier to process. Otherwise, as the sheet softens, it will become more difficult to process and shape.
  • While choosing the aluminum plate, the negative situations that the plate will encounter should be taken into consideration. Alloys suitable for the environment and conditions to be used should be preferred.
  • As Serial Metal, we offer our aluminum sheet products in the desired dimensions suitable for industrial usage areas, as aluminum sheets that meet all your wishes with our sensitive and high product processing quality production track.

Aluminum Cylinder

Aluminum Cast Cylinder, which are also produced as embossed upon request, are generally produced with a flat surface. After the hot rolling of the aluminum casting poured from the casting machine, it is brought to the desired thickness by passing through cold rolling with high pressure force. After the desired width is adjusted with the cutting of the edges, if the sheet is not cut to a certain length, it is presented as a roll ready for delivery.

Aluminum Cylinder is an industrial material with many advantages in use. Aluminum coil is used in many areas, especially in the automotive, aviation and maritime sectors, due to its easy shape and high resistance to deformation.